There are now a few Kairos Networks hanging around out there, but this is the one that was started by Joe Scarpacci and Pastor Tim Droegemueller in concert with the LCMS pastors and congregations of the North Atlanta Circuit in Georgia.

The word KAIROS means the suitable, appointed, or perfect time to do something.  In 2 Corinthians 6:2, St. Paul writes “Behold, now is the favorable time (kairos); behold, now is the day of salvation.”  Paul says, now is the favorable time because the redemption of the world has already been accomplished.  It has already been done.  All sin has been paid for.  Hell and judgment lie vanquished.  Salvation has been concretely and objectively accomplished for all people through the sacrificial death and glorious resurrection of Christ our Lord.  All our problems, issues, and conditions are not bigger than the mercy of God for sinners in our Lord Jesus Christ!  As our Lord ascended to the right hand of the Father, He poured out His Holy Spirit on His chosen apostles at Pentecost.  Since that moment, we saw Christ’s Holy Church doing several things.  We saw the redeemed saints of God doing whatever the Lord gave them to do by His Spirit.  The trajectory of this outpouring was from Christ to us for the sake of those who had not yet heard (Acts 2:1-4). We saw them proclaiming Christ and Him crucified from the Holy Scriptures to the people of all nations through Law and Gospel (Acts 2:5-36).  We saw them commanding the promise of Holy Baptism to adults and children as a tangible means by which we receive the forgiveness of sins and the gift of the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:37-41).  We then see them steadfastly devoting themselves to the apostles’ teaching about Christ, the fellowship (koinonia) that is in Christ, the breaking of bread that is from Christ (Holy Communion), and the prayers that flow to the ears of our Father through Christ (Acts 2:42).

The Kairos Network is a mission planting initiative from the confessional, Lutheran perspective that lives in the concrete and objective realities of Christ’s Word and Work.  Now is the time! We desire the Life we share in Christ to flow freely across the landscape of each community around us.  Now is the favorable time to rain down witness, mercy, and life through the Word of Christ preached and the Sacraments rightly administered (Matthew 28:19)!  Now is the time to be merciful to all those around us as our Father has been merciful (Luke 6:36)!  Now is the time to celebrate the touchable and taste-able life we have as the Body of Christ gathered around the Body of Christ (John 6:53)!  Now is the time to live out of the conviction that the Holy Spirit has delivered to us concerning the Word and Work of Christ.  And it is the time to do this as the local level.  The Kairos Network seeks to incorporate Biblical witness, mercy, and life together in Jesus through each new mission start.