Rescheduling of the Ordination!

NOTEGlass rose JPG 72 dpi:  The new date and time for Timothy Mark Faile’s ordination will be November 12 at 4 PM.
In Acts 14:19, we see the apostle Paul being stoned with rocks and dragged out of Lystra because He was preaching Christ. After he somehow lived and came to, he encouraged all the believers by saying “to continue in the faith, and saying that through many tribulations we must enter the kingdom of God.”  With these words, we should remember that there will be many obstacles and barriers in terms of our proclamation of the Gospel.
Dear saints, sometimes those barriers have to do with mechanicis and paperwork.  Or . . . call documents being blown into the Gulf of Mexico by Hurricane Irma.  Due to several different occurrences, there has been a delay in Tim Faile’s call document to make it to the right places.  So . . . we will have to wait 3 1/2 more weeks for the celebration of this blessed occassion.  The new date and time for Tim Faile’s ordination will be 4 PM on November 12 at Living Faith Lutheran Church.  Thanks to each of you for your patience, concern, and prayers for this faithful family as they follow their Lord by faith in Jesus’ grace.  Give thanks to God that this faithful servant of God and pray for their family they wait in anticipation of this special day!

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