The Confessional Lutheran Church of Pakistan!

Here is an update from Pastor Jawed Dass who leads the newly formed Lutheran Confessional Church of Paskistan.

We praise God for this new year and for the new opportunities that we are being given by our Lord Jesus Christ! We are teaching about infant baptism, serving the Sacrament, and we are learning liturgy. We are exceedingly glad to share that we are already running short on space in our church as the local community is coming in large numbers to hear the Good News! All Glory to God! We pray that God will provide a larger space for us to gather and worship. We understand that His timing is the perfect timing.

Two more churches are in progress while I work with my newly ordained Deacon Samson Sohail. He has done his MDiv from a well-organized and internationally-recognized Baptist seminary. We all know that he has to continue to go through extensive Lutheran Theological training and teaching. He has been attending Pastor Droegemueller’s Catechism classes since 2020, and we hold three different classes here as well. We have two classes for Catechism instruction for adults and children. We also have regular Bible Study. Deacon Samson is participating in all of these opportunities. He is so eager to learn Lutheran Liturgy. Liturgy training is in its initial stages with our brother, Dave Koch, who is leading a music class via Zoom, which is entitled “Mondays for Musicians”. We are all learning to sing liturgy, and Dave Koch is learning Urdu to start writing music in Urdu for our non-English services. We are holding two worship services now; one service is in Urdu and the other is in English.

Two of our seminary students, Botham and Mushtaq, have begun Catechism classes in their own homes in Karachi. Ansar is still organizing a Catechism class in Islamabad. All of our seminary students are working diligently to grow in their understanding of Lutheran doctrine and preparing themselves for the mission field.

As a newly ordained pastor, I recognize the need for my own continued learning. I meet every Tuesday morning with Pastor Tim Droegemueller and Pastor Keith Lingsch. During our time together, they guide me, teach me, encourage me and strengthen my faith to serve in this new Mission Field. For this, I am very thankful. We also look for theological training and help from Dr. Art Just and Dr. John Bombaro. Many pastors attend a Thursday meeting, and we would like to offer them teaching through video taped messages on main theological issues such as Distinction between Law & Gospel, Sacraments and Theology of Cross.

We have an LCCP-Mission Board in Cumming, Georgia which includes members from North Carolina, Georgia, Florida and Texas. I meet with them on a regular basis for administrative support. They have recently set up an LCCP website which you can find at

“We are Growing!” Praise be to God! We would like to invite you to come visit us and experience the Holy Spirit at work. We would love to invite all of you to participate in training our team as well! Our weather is good in March, and the harvest is ripe. We are preparing some adults for baptisms and confirmation. What a joy it would be for you to participate in this service as brothers in the larger Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ.


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