Droege Boys Dropped!

These kids are not survival experts.  Neither is their father.  Or Uncle.  But the Droege Boys are getting dropped!  The Droege Boys consist of North Georgia and central Texas Droegemueller boys (shortened to Droege Boys) along with their Mississipi brother from another mother.  And . . . they are getting dropped into the wilderness for a great cause with practically nothing.

The Players

The players in this survival challenge are:

  1.  Isaac Droegemueller – Age 11
  2.  Luke Droegemueller – Age 13
  3.  Tim Droegemueller – Age 45
  4.  Jay Wendland – Age 55

The Location

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The Droege Boys are getting dropped into a remote location in North Georgia where there will be zero access to food.  Survival participants do not get to leave the allotted territory for rescue at any time.  Even if they were to run across another human being, they cannot ask for help or receive any.  If there is no water, tough!  If there is no food, tough!  There is no shelter of any kind that the Droege Boys will start with.  If they want one, they will have to make one with the raw materials they find around them.  They are completely and totally on their own in our good Lord’s rugged creation.

The Rules

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  1.  The Droege Boys must survive for 50 hours dependant only on their own limited skills to survive.
  2. Everybody has to stay.  If one person cries, whines, and decides to quit, everyone loses.
  3. Each survival participant can bring one item.  The item cannot be food.  Or drink.  Or a tent.  Or any bedding supplies.  Or a fishing pole.  Or anything that makes instant flame.  Or water purification tablets.  Or any artificial lumination like a flashlight.  Good luck and choose wisely!
  4. The Droege Boys will receive a survival kit from the kids’ oldest brother Jacob.  It will have one item for each participating Droege Boy.  It will not necessarily even be helpful.  Be kind, Jacob!  If they are smart, his little brothers will be nice to him over the next few weeks!

The Camera Crew

Jake in suit

The camera crew will consist of 15 year old Jacob.  This lucky fellow will have access to all the creature comforts of home.  He will have a stocked cooler of ice cold Gatorade, delicious snacks, and a luxurious tent.  He will be recording the DROEGE BOYS DROPPED! experience with a GO PRO camera.  The conversations between him and his destitute relatives should prove interesting.

The Purpose

Our purpose is to raise support for Stepping Stone Mission which reaches out to the homeless in Atlanta with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Stepping Stone is a Recognized Service Organization in the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod that gives care, support, and love to our brothers in need in the name of Christ.  Imagine, these men know what it’s like to go without food, drink, a change of clothing or shelter as a course of regular life.  We seek to draw attention this critical need and encourage God’s Church to meet the challenge with Jesus’ mercy and His life-giving gifts.  The men in this ministry have the opportunity to participate in periodic retreats during the year where they grow in God’s Word, their understanding of God’s grace in Christ, and are trained in the foundational teachings of the Bible.  Many men go on to be baptized and confirm their faith in our Triune God.  As you can imagine, this ministry needs ongoing support because the men eventually find a job, housing, and move to a new location and church home.  This is the reason for the DROEGE BOYS DROPPED! challenge!  Below, Rev. Victor Belton baptizes two of our brothers in Christ at one of the Stepping Stone retreats.


Pastor Belton at Stepping STone Pic for Kairos Network black and white

How to Participate

This challenge intends to raise support for Stepping Stone and works this way.  If you want to participate, there are 3 different pledges that we are suggesting.  If you want to do something other than these suggestions, you are free in Christ to do so!

  1. A support pledge of $10
  2. A support pledge of $100
  3. A support pledge of $1000

To do this, simply write a check out to Living Faith Lutheran Church with Stepping Stone Mission in the memo line and send it to:

Attn: Jay Wendland

Living Faith Lutheran Church

1171 Atlanta Hwy

Cumming, GA 30040

If you would like to make a pledge by credit card, email Jay Wendland at droegeboycreations@gmail.com.  Arrangements are already set up and can be finalized within 24 hours.  All donations are tax deductible and you can receive a statement by simply providing your email to Jay.  We completely understand if you are not able to support the mission right now, but you can each help them by getting out this message far and wide by sharing or reposting!

The DROEGE BOYS DROPPED! event will take place July 22-24, but the results will not be made known until August 6, 2018.  If the Droege Boys are unsuccessful, no one will be held to their pledge commitment.  People will be free to do whatever they choose.  Once the DROEGE BOYS DROPPED! video is put together, you will know the results!  The results of the challenge will be on the Kairos Network website.  To get updates and results directly, sign up to FOLLOW the Kairos Network at http://www.thekairosnetwork.org.

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Installation of Vicar Jay Dass

With great joy, we announce the installation of Vicar Jay Dass at Living Faith Lutheran Church in Cumming, Georgia (1171 Atlanta Hwy).  Vicar Dass, along with his wife Julie, are missionaries to all people, but mostly to adherents of the religion of Islam.  They both grew up as Christians in Pakistan, but now serve as dedicated servants of Christ in the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.  Along with Vicar Isaac Baroi, Vicar Dass is studying to be a Lutheran pastor through the Ethnic Immigrant Institute of Theology at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis.  Pray for each of them, along with their marvelous wives and families, as each will eventually be called to serve Christ’s Flock as undershepherds of our Lord Jesus.

The installation will be this Sunday, July 1, at 10:15 AM at Living Faith.  The Rev. Bruce Lieske will be preaching.  In Preparation for this day, consider this writing of the Rev. Burnell Eckardt Jr. for Tuesday of Trinity IV:

Acts 28:5 “He (the Apostle Paul), however, shook off the creature into the fire and suffered him no harm.”

“Here on the island of Malta the barbarous people are kinder to Paul than his own people the Jews.  Receiving him they receive Christ’s ambassador, and so they kindled a fire because of the cold and rainy conditions on the island, token of the heavenly fire of Pentecost kindled now in their midst against the cold of unbelief.  So Paul lays wood on the fire, a token of the wooden cross which he preaches; and from the fire comes forth a serpent to attack him, a token of the devil who ceaselessly attacks this preacher.  The witnesses were expecting him to succumb to the venom of this serpent, even as those who behold the suffering of the church and her preachers expect that they shall succumb to the evil one; but Paul shook off the beast into the fire, and suffered no harm.  See, the viper, here called a beast, another name of the Foe, is shaken off into the fire, even as the Foe himself shall be consumed in the Judgment.  For the faithful this means release from sin and the condemnation of death and hell…”

Every Day I will Bless Thee: Meditations for the Daily Office by Rev. Burnell Eckardt Jr.

Lutherans Engaging North Georgia

Dear saints,

Here is a brief mission update on our collective witness to the words and deeds of our Lord Jesus Christ in our area.

  1.  There will be a new opportunity for pastors and laypeople to grow in their understanding of the Old Testament in Hebrew and the New Testament in Greek.  It is a translation group lead by our area LCMS pastors that will look at each of the assigned Biblical readings in the life of the church year in an original language study.  This study will begin on August 14 at 10:00 AM at Living Faith Lutheran in Cumming (1171 Atlanta Hwy) every Tuesday.  Come and grow in the inexhuastive depth of God’s living and active Word!
  2. There will be a commissioning and installation of Katherine Warnke (Rev. Joseph Warnke’s wife) as deaconess at Christ Our Savior Evangelical Lutheran Church, Griffin, GA.  The service will be on Sunday afternoon, July 15, 2018, at 4:00PM at Christ Our Savior.  Pastor David Brighton of Mount Calvary Lutheran Church, Warner Robins, GA, will be officiating and preaching.  There will be a reception following the service.  No RSVP is required.  If you are unable to come, please pray for Kate as she begins her service.
  3. The members of Rivercliff Lutheran Church (8750 Roswell Rd in Sandy Springs) invite you to the instalation of their new Associate Pastor, Jacob Berlinski, on Sunday, July 1 at 5 PM.  Thanks be to God!  There will be a reception immediately following the service in Strickert Hall.  RSVP by June 25th to admin@Rivercliff.org.
  4. Christ the Shepherd Lutheran Church (4655 Webb Bridge Road in Alpharetta) is also pleased to announce the Lord’s provision for their congregation through a new Associate Pastor, Aaron Sterling.  Rev. Aaron Sterling will be installed at Christ the Shepherd on July 29th at 4 PM.  Dr. Jamison Hardy, Bishop of the English District will officate the installation.  Pastor David Brighton (Rev. Sterling’s vicarage supervisor) will be the preacher.  There will be a fellowship dinner following.

There is great purpose in the Lord bringing these two pastors and this deaconness to ministry in our area.  Pray for them as God speaks His mighty word and reveals the mercy of His Son through them as they serve with great joy!



May 5 – Kairos Network Mission Meeting

Dear saints of God, rescued by our crucified and risen Lord Jesus Chist,

The Kairos Network will be having a mission meeting this Saturday, May 5, hosted by St. Mark Lutheran Church in Tucker, Georgia (2110 Brokett Rd).  Rev. Hiruy Gebremichael will be teaching the Bible Study.  The meeting begins with promptly at 9 AM with an opening devotion.  The Lord be with you and see you there!


Groundbreaking in Jasper, Georgia!

A Invitation From King of Kings Lutheran Church

Since their founding as a mission church of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod in 2010, King of Kings has sought to grow God’s kingdom here in the North Georgia mountains. As we have grown, we have been joined by members travelling to our current church home in Jasper from Blue Ridge and Ellijay to Jasper, Ball Ground, Canton and Calhoun. What a joyful congregation has been gathering in response to prayer and the work of the Holy Spirit!


In 2017 we purchased six acres just north of Jasper and have been busy planning, raising funds, and designing a new building that will allow us to continue to grow and give glory to the Lord. We are just about to start construction and will celebrate the groundbreaking for our new church building on Saturday March 24, 2018 at 3:30 PM.

​Look for our sign at Appalachian Circle on the west side of Highway 515 north of Walmart and Philadelphia Road, and watch us grow!


Dear saints of God,
Nearly ten years have elapsed since mission planting efforts  in Dahlonega began. Under God’s blessing, the planting, watering, and cultivating have borne fruit, resulting in a church ready to be chartered as a congregation of the  Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod. We invite you to join us for our Charter Service, Sunday, March 18 at 4 P.M. at 109 Tipton Drive, Dahlonega. The Rev. Tim Droegemueller, pastor at Living Faith Lutheran Church in Cumming, our mother church, will deliver the message; President Walton will lead the Rite of Chartering. Light refreshments will follow the service.
Please extend this invitation to members of your congregation and also include in your intercessions that morning a petition that our efforts would continue to enjoy the Spirit’s guidance and blessing and continued growth. Thank you for your prayers and support. I hope to see a number of you March 18 at 4 P.M.
Your fellow missionary in Christ,
Gerhard C. Michael, Jr.
Pastor, St. Peter Lutheran Church
“Where the Word of life gathers, nurtures, and sends us forth to serve”
P. O. Box 308, 109 Tipton Drive
(my cell): 407-353-8420
We thank God for these marvelous saints of God and their pastor!!!!


This guy can’t wait to get to our next Kairos Network Mission Meeting!  It will be May 5, 2018 at St. Mark Lutheran Church on Brockett Road in Tucker, Georgia.  Pastor Hiruy Gebremichael will be hosting with the marvelous saints of St. Mark.  The meeting will start at 9 AM and will run for two hours.  There will be prayer, Bible Study, a sharpening in our confession of Christ, an explanation of present mission starts, and planning for future ones.

The Lord be with you and see you there!