Why Have A Catechism?

the Bible is a big book. In fact, it is literally a library of the 66 greatest books ever written. Even as we approach Reformation Day on October 31, we believe and rejoice to know that each of these books were breathed out by the Holy Spirit through around 40 diverse authors throughout 1500 years of time.

So, why have a catechism? This brief video helps explain. In short, it helps us focus on the most crucial aspects of the Biblical faith that are most necessary for us to hear, believe, know, teach, and share . . .

Two More Days Till the Drop

In just two days, the Droege Boys will be dropped into parts unknown for the 50 hour survival challenge. No one knows the location at this point except for the Pat and Gail Deluca. Lord willing, the site they choose is in Georgia!

We want to thank you for the outpouring of your love for Christ, His Church, and His Mission to all people. We are presently being shocked by all your faithfulness to support this work to bring the Good News of Christ’s victory into a hurting part of the city. To share this with family or friends, send them to https://thekairosnetwork.org/blog/.

Stay tuned to watch the dramatic outcome of the drop! The Lord be with you!

Who is Your Messiah?

Messiah is coming to Netflix, but check out the featured review of our own beloved brother in Christ, a renowned expert on Islamic eschatology (and tons of other stuff!), Dr. Timothy Furnish.  Dr. Furnish is truly the closest thing possible to an LCMS Indiana Jones . . .

Warning!  This is your only shot to ignore the spoiler alert!  So, proceed by clicking below – with caution.

Netflix’s Messiah Reviewed: Who’s Your Messiah Now?

The Lutheran Church of Pakistan

Blessed New Year to each of you in the Epiphany of our Lord Jesus Christ!  The Kairos Network is pleased to announce to you that there will be a Mission Forum for the future work of the Lutheran Church of Pakistan on January 12-14, 2020.

The Purpose

A forum of the church to come together by LCMS missions and sister churches to bring God’s Word and Sacraments to Pakistan.


PRESENTATION 1 – Can Orthodoxy Be Missional?

PRESENTATION 2 – Building A Sacramental Culture

PRESENTATION 3 – The Lutheran Church of Pakistan Project

PRESENTATION 4 – Missions To An Unbelieving World


Dr. John Bombaro
Dr. John Bombaro

Rev. John J. Bombaro, Ph.D. (King’s College, University of London) is a missionary of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, serving as the Assistant Director of Theological Education at the Luther Academy, Rīga, Latvia. In this role, he works to plant an English-speaking congregation in Riga. He teaches Lutheran theology and mentors seminary students in a Bachelor of Divinity program at Riga Luther Academy (the Latvian Ev. Luth. Church’s seminary). He assists in the re-accreditation of the seminary, not only as a Latvian seminary but also as an English-speaking seminary accredited throughout the European Union. He builds confessional and strategic relations between regional partner churches and synods. With Melinda’s help, John also coordinates conferences around Eurasia for pastors and other church workers.

Rev. James Krikava
Rev. James Krikava

Rev. James Krikava serves the Lord as a missionary through The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS) in the Eurasia region, based in the Czech Republic. In this role, James serves as the regional director for the Eurasia region. He partners with local church leaders and current LCMS international mission leadership to strengthen and sustain existing congregations in this part of the world. He also is involved with theological teaching and with building relationships with other church bodies that are currently not in fellowship with the International Lutheran Council (ILC).

Jay dass
Vicar Jay Dass

Vicar Dass, along with his wife Julie (not pictured for her safety), are missionaries to all people, but mostly to adherents of the religion of Islam.  They both grew up as Christians in Pakistan, but now serve as dedicated servants of Christ in the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.   Vicar Dass is studying to be a Lutheran pastor through the Ethnic Immigrant Institute of Theology at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis and will be ordained in 2021.  His passions are studying God’s Word, sharing Christ, and reading the writings of Martin Luther.  The Lord is preparing them to go to Pakistan to establish a Biblical, Lutheran Church there.  Jay and Julie are working with 9 young men in Pakistan who are eager to study at the Lutheran Seminary in Riga, Latvia in Fall of 2020.


Living Faith Lutheran Church

1171 Atlanta Hwy

Cumming, GA 30040



Hampton Inn

915 Ronald Reagan Blvd

Cumming, GA 30041

Call and set up your reservation at 844-359-4652.  Mention the Mission Forum at Living Faith Lutheran Church to get the special rate.

If you are in the area, attend as many events you are able.

Tentative Schedule

                      Sunday: January 12, 2020                       

9:00 AM – Bible Study 1

10:15 AM – Divine Service – Rev. Jim Krikava

12:00 PM  – Lunch and Fellowship

Afternoon – Open for Mission Meetings

                               Monday: January 13, 2020                             

8:00 AM – Coffee and Welcome

8:30 AM – Matins in the sanctuary

9:15 AM – Bible Study 2

10:15 AM – 1st Presentation – Dr. John Bombaro

11:30 AM – Table Discussion and Prayer

12:00 PM – Lunch at Living Faith Lutheran

1:00 PM – 2nd Presentation – Dr. John Bombaro

2:15 PM – Table Discussion and Prayer

2:30 PM – Break

2:45 PM – Lutheran Church of Pakistan Project

4:00 PM – Question and Answer

4:30 PM – Overview of Islam – Rev. Bruce Lieske

5:00 PM – Dinner at Living Faith Lutheran

6:00 PM – Evening Prayer in the sanctuary

7:00 PM – Reception at Living Faith Lutheran

                     Tuesday: January 14, 2020                      

8:00 AM – Coffee and Fellowship

8:30 AM – Matins in the sanctuary

9:15 AM – Bible Study 3

10:15 AM – 3rd Presentation – Rev. Jim Krikava

11:30 AM – Table Discussion and Prayer

12:00 PM – Midday Prayer and Departure




Evil and God

The question about evil continues to pop up as a reason for people to “not believe.”  It is very common for people to say that “I cannot believe in a God that allows suffering or evil.”  This all concerns the question of theodicy.  Theodicy basically probes the question “why does a loving God allow evil in the world?”  This is a legit question and people are very often legitimately asking this because they are seeking answers.  So . . . how do we respond?

Oddly enough, this question is concretely answered in Article XI of the Formula of Concord!  Crazy!   Thanks to Rev. Wolfmueller for putting this in front of us so succinctly!


Mission Field: USA in Georgia


Beginning on May 8, 2019, there will be Mission Field: USA training offered at Living Faith Lutheran Church in Cumming from 9 AM – 4 PM.  This training is for pastors and lay people interested in starting a new Lutheran congregation, being a part of a church plant, or learning more about the process.

This training for doing missions is structured around the 7 marks of the Church (Luther’s writing on Church and Ministry III) and the framework of Witness, Mercy and Life Together.  For more information, go to http://www.lcms.org/how-we-serve/national/church-planting.  The Rev. Steve Schave will be onsite leading us on May 22.

The schedule is as follows:

9 AM – Order of Matins

10 AM – Bible Study on the Gospel of Mark

11:30 AM – Study in the Catechism and the Lutheran Confessions

Noon – Liturgical study

12:30 PM – Lunch Break

1:30 PM – Mission Field USA

2:30 PM – Pavement Pounders


Feel free to come for as much of it as you can!  Glory to God!  Salvation to man!


The Voice

As Rev. Scott Keith with the 1517 Legacy Project does presentations all around the country on the need for clear distinction between Law and Gospel, he is asked one question more than any others.  The question is “where can I get this stuff on a regular basis?”  And . . . 99% of people who ask this question is already attending a church.  To serve the necessity of growing in our understanding of this eternally crucial need, here is some instruction from Martin Luther about the “The voice of one crying in the wildnerness (Isaiah 40:3).”

Luther writes:

By this prophecy Isaiah promises a new kind of teaching beyond that which had been in vogue heretofore.  For in this way the evangelists begin.  The voice of one crying.  It is as if he were saying: “The preaching of the Law was a muttering, incomplete and unpleasant to all ears, and produced nothing but hypocrites.  But here comes a voice, a clear and complete and universal proclamation which purely and joyously and most loudly declares that the warfare is ended and that sins are forgiven.”  This is received from “a voice,” that is, through the public preaching of the Word.  It must be heard and recieved from a speaking voice.  Away with our schismatics, who spurn the Word while they sit in corners waiting for the Spirit’s revelation, but apart from the voice of the Word!  They say one must sit still in a corner and empty the mind of all speculations, and then the Holy Spirit will fill it.  The sophists also taught this.  In vain, however, do we rely on this, and that for two reasons.  In the first place, because we are not able to empty our souls of speculations.  The devil will provide you with many thoughts.  In the second place, because the flesh has not yet been killed in you.  When you have heard the Word, you earnestly kill the flesh and empty your soul.  It will happen in no other way.  No one becomes spiritual without this voice.  Away with all Enthusiasts (those who trust God will work apart from the Word and Sacraments).  Take note: The beginning of all spiritual knowledge is this voice of one crying, as also Paul says, Romans 10:14: “How are they to believe . . . without a preacher?”

The voice of one crying, that is, a new kind of teaching which should be proclaimed everywhere.  In the wilderness.  This voice is sent forth in the wilderness both by the preacher himself and by the hearers.  By contrast, wilderness is placed opposite the teaching of the Law.  For like a jail, a wall, and a city, the Law secures and fences us in.  The voice of the Gospel, however, is a free wilderness, open to all, public, and unrestrained like a wilderness.  There is indeed a limitation about the Law, but the teaching of the Gospel is most free and most unrestrained.  Hence all these words are as by contrast set against the teaching of the Law.  The voice of one crying in the wilderness.  This voice of the Gospel takes the place of the whispering murmur, which teaches the Law in specified localities.  This voice, however, has no definite place and teacher.  Moses whispers, but the Gospel shouts confidently and most vigorously.” 

~Luther’s Works vol. 40: 8.