Emmanuel Lutheran’s First Bible Study!

If you are living in Norcross and want to dive deeper into the Word of God, join us on March 15 for the very first Bible Study of Emmanuel Lutheran Church in Norcross! If you working in the area and get a lunch break, stop in! We will be meeting at the Norcross Community Center at 10 College St. in Norcross every Wednesday at noon. Thanks Dave Koch for putting together this great sign and website!

The Common Places Bible Study

The understanding behind this study is that there are teachings so large, unavoidable, and necessary for every Christian in the Bible that they form the common ground for our life in Christ.

  • March 15 – Knowing God
  • March 22 – The Holy Trinity
  • March 29 – Sin and Evil
  • April 5 – God’s Law
  • April 12 – A Bound Will
  • April 19 – The Son of God
  • April 26 – Justification
  • May 3 – Receiving Christ
  • May 10 – Good Works
  • May 17 – The Church
  • May 24 – Baptism
  • May 31 – The Lord’s Supper
  • June 7 – Absolution
  • June 14 – Masks of God
  • June 21 – Last Things

Mission Front Report from the LCCP


Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

We are happy as we are able to adopt two families here and are raising baptized children. We are now marching into March.

It seems like we are going to have an unusually hot summer this year as winter was short and mild, we jumped from winter to summer this week which is unusual for Islamabad at the foot of Margalla Hills.

We are rejoicing for 8 baptisms this Sunday 6 children and 2 adults and the completion of 4 months long alteration and renovation project at St Mark Lutheran Church, when we were building the church hall at first floor of 5 story building, we were expecting 30-40 people in the beginning but in February we had 40-50 people and the First Sunday of Lent brought us 75 people and at least 15 sat on the floor. As we equipped the hall for 55 people which means more chairs. Our fellowship hall can hold 75 people and we were full and a humble meal was served as the first Sunday of Lent is always a simple meal here.

Why we serve meals after church:

A lot of people walk for 20-30 minutes to the church, and we are located right next to a large slum area and children get hungry after an hour of Bible Study and then 30 minutes of fellowship and then 1-1/2 for service. 

Our congregation (55% children as every couple have 3-5 children) is mostly based on low income, or no income area and a meal is just right as we feed them with God’s Word and the food for the body as well. There’s a famous saying in Urdu language, “a man cannot provide bread for another man, only God can provide bread for men.” Matthew 14:21 This scripture becomes so clear at that moment. We praise God that He is always providing for His baptized children and the leftovers feed the family who is moved into living rooms upstairs at St. Mark Lutheran Church and School (wait for their story)

Our classrooms received the final shipment of chairs as we built the tables ourselves to save some money, we have budgeted in October and since then the dollar rate has fluctuated so much that everything went 35-55 % higher than October. We thank God that we were able to put the initial deposit and lock the rates for chairs, but tables were not available. 

We are finished with library shelves and computer lab (like) long workstations.

We request your prayers and support for a few needs that we never budgeted or thought about while we were building and renovating.

We need a Kitchen as we are cooking at a seminary house and then transport food to church. It takes a lot of extra time and the workers cannot attend the service, also gas prices increased 55%.

We request for a

Stove, Refrigerator, Pots and Pans (we are renting it right now) and a water filter/cooler machine for approval

Refrigerator $1539.00

Stove: $ 789.00

Microwave: $ 279.90

Water Cooler/Filtration system for clean water $595.00

5 Classroom monitors 40″: $1309.99

Pots, Pans, plates and glasses for food serving $ 1570.00 (for 75 people cooking and serving) 

Thank you so much for your prayers and support.

Rev. Jay William Dass



New Pastor at St. Peter!

Give praise and thanks to God ! The Lord has called Pastor Charles Kenefke to be pastor of the dear saints at St. Peter Lutheran Church in Dahlenega, Georgia! We praise our Lord for His faithfulness! Please keep this the mission of St. Peter in your prayers as well as their new pastor!

New Church in Norcross

Plans are being made to begin a new mission congregation in Norcross, Georgia, called Emmanuel Lutheran Church. The very strategic meeting for all prospective members and leaders of this new congregation will be held at the Norcross Community center. The address is 10 College St in Norcross and the meeting will be held from 9 AM – 11 AM on February 18. If you have ideas about how a new church could meet the needs of your community or family then please let contact Pastor Tim Droegemueller at lflcpastor@gmail.com. If you would like to be a part of the excitement of planting a new church, then we would like to hear from you also. We want to serve our community by reaching out with the mercy of Christ and the saving message of the Gospel and would love for anyone to be a part of this. If you or anyone else has a language specific need like Spanish, Korean, or Telegu, please contact us as soon as you are able. We will then be aware of how we can incorporate that need into the DNA of this new congregation.

As you know, this work will begin by trusting God’s Word alone to do it all. Bibles, catechisms, and hymnals will be needed as people start to develop habits of studying the Bible, training in the faith, and preparing for worship. If you want to help, we would rejoice!

Matins at the Mission House

For anyone who seeks to gather for prayer, the order of Matins will be held at the All Nations Mission House on Wednesdays at 9:15 AM followed by a Bible study at 10 AM.

The address is 4320 E. Ponce de Leon Ave in Clarkston, Georgia.

“Unless the LORD builds the house, those who build it labor in vain.” Psalm 127:1