New Church in Norcross

Plans are being made to begin a new mission congregation in Norcross, Georgia, called Emmanuel Lutheran Church. The very strategic meeting for all prospective members and leaders of this new congregation will be held at the Norcross Community center. The address is 10 College St in Norcross and the meeting will be held from 9 AM – 11 AM on February 18. If you have ideas about how a new church could meet the needs of your community or family then please let contact Pastor Tim Droegemueller at If you would like to be a part of the excitement of planting a new church, then we would like to hear from you also. We want to serve our community by reaching out with the mercy of Christ and the saving message of the Gospel and would love for anyone to be a part of this. If you or anyone else has a language specific need like Spanish, Korean, or Telegu, please contact us as soon as you are able. We will then be aware of how we can incorporate that need into the DNA of this new congregation.

As you know, this work will begin by trusting God’s Word alone to do it all. Bibles, catechisms, and hymnals will be needed as people start to develop habits of studying the Bible, training in the faith, and preparing for worship. If you want to help, we would rejoice!

Part 1 to Droege Boys Dropped!

Here is Part 1 to the 50 hour survival challenge to support Stepping Stone Mission in Atlanta, Georgia.

In the first 25 hours, Isaac, Luke, Tim, and Jay have to make a crude shelter in the rain with no fire before night fall.  Part 2 is coming soon…


Lutherans Engaging North Georgia

Dear saints,

Here is a brief mission update on our collective witness to the words and deeds of our Lord Jesus Christ in our area.

  1.  There will be a new opportunity for pastors and laypeople to grow in their understanding of the Old Testament in Hebrew and the New Testament in Greek.  It is a translation group lead by our area LCMS pastors that will look at each of the assigned Biblical readings in the life of the church year in an original language study.  This study will begin on August 14 at 10:00 AM at Living Faith Lutheran in Cumming (1171 Atlanta Hwy) every Tuesday.  Come and grow in the inexhuastive depth of God’s living and active Word!
  2. There will be a commissioning and installation of Katherine Warnke (Rev. Joseph Warnke’s wife) as deaconess at Christ Our Savior Evangelical Lutheran Church, Griffin, GA.  The service will be on Sunday afternoon, July 15, 2018, at 4:00PM at Christ Our Savior.  Pastor David Brighton of Mount Calvary Lutheran Church, Warner Robins, GA, will be officiating and preaching.  There will be a reception following the service.  No RSVP is required.  If you are unable to come, please pray for Kate as she begins her service.
  3. The members of Rivercliff Lutheran Church (8750 Roswell Rd in Sandy Springs) invite you to the instalation of their new Associate Pastor, Jacob Berlinski, on Sunday, July 1 at 5 PM.  Thanks be to God!  There will be a reception immediately following the service in Strickert Hall.  RSVP by June 25th to
  4. Christ the Shepherd Lutheran Church (4655 Webb Bridge Road in Alpharetta) is also pleased to announce the Lord’s provision for their congregation through a new Associate Pastor, Aaron Sterling.  Rev. Aaron Sterling will be installed at Christ the Shepherd on July 29th at 4 PM.  Dr. Jamison Hardy, Bishop of the English District will officate the installation.  Pastor David Brighton (Rev. Sterling’s vicarage supervisor) will be the preacher.  There will be a fellowship dinner following.

There is great purpose in the Lord bringing these two pastors and this deaconness to ministry in our area.  Pray for them as God speaks His mighty word and reveals the mercy of His Son through them as they serve with great joy!